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This page contains entries from my personal journal.

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September 5, 2000

Well, this entry is a little late, but I was really busy over the Labor Day weekend. On Saturday night I got to meet some of my extended family. My cousin Andy his mom, Carol, came over. I really wanted to meet them, but I wasn't sure if I was brave enough at first.

I really like Andy. He's a teenager and he plays water polo. I hate water, but to each his own! Anyhow, Andy got down on the floor and talked to me face to face. He fed me some chicken and it was really fun getting to meet someone new. His mom was ok too, but she was not a cool as Andy. I hope he liked me as much as I liked him.

On Sunday there was a Golden Gate Cat Fanciers' show, but thankfully, I did not have to go!. My mom and grandma went though and they brough me back a new toy and carpeted slide thingy. They said they saw Allen there with two of my former cattery-mates who were competing. They won some ribbons. It's nice that they won, but I am soooooooooooo glad I don't have to do that anymore!


August 25, 2000

Boy, time flies when you're having fun. Where did the week go? Nothing much really happened this week except our neighbors moved away. I sure hope the new neighbors don't have some big scary dog or something.


August 18, 2000

It's been FOUR weeks now since I came to live here.
I'm still getting used to all the new places, sights, sounds and smells here. It's kinda nice being the only cat in the whole place.


August 11, 2000

Well, I hate to make a snap judgement, but I think I might actually like it here. Things are getting less scary every day. I have a couple of great sunny windows to sit in in the afternoon, and I can see a different back yard on either side of the house. There's lots to look at. My people are nice to me and play with me several times a day. I get soooo tired!


August 4, 1000

I had a big adventure today! In the evening, after dinner, my grandma let me go up into the main house. My gosh, it was big! I had no idea I lived in such a huge house. There are two floors upstairs, and lots of rooms.

At first it was pretty scary, so I just went in a little ways. Then I ran back down to my own room. But I was too curious to see what was up there. So I mustered up all my courage and I went back up. This time I went even farther.
The house just kept going and going. I must have gone through every room about 17 times. Boy was I tired!


July 28, 2000

It's been a week now since I came to live here. Moving to a new home can be exhausting. I didn't sleep a wink for two days, then I slept for two days straight. Fortunately,I have a nice place to sleep where no one can approach me.

There is so much here to familiarize myself with. This place is pretty big. I had a bad scare the other day. I followed my new mom out into the laundry room one morning. I was just minding my own business, looking around, and suddenly someone came crashing through the door from upstairs. I was so scared I could hardly get out of there fast enough. As it turned out, it was only my new grandma coming down with the laundry, but I went and hid in the cupboard for a couple of hours anyway.


July 21, 2000

I moved to my new home today. It was really scary!
These strange people came over to my house and put me in a carrier. Then we drove for a long time. I could not see where we were going, and I really wanted to get out of that carrier.

I worked and worked, and finally managed to unzip the carrier door. Then I climbed up onto the console of the car where I could see out. WOW! we were on the Bay Bridge! I never saw anything like that before! My new grandma held me all the rest of the way home. I was pretty scared but she spoke softly to me and told me not to worry. She said nothing bad would happen to me, and we were just going to my new home. Boy, was that ever scary.

Stay Tuned for more of Fade's Amazing Adventures