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Fade's Fancy
My Bio

All about ME!

The Early Years

I was born at Azurski Cattery in Daly City, California, on July 24, 1995. My mother is Grand Champion Azurski's Monday Blues. My father is Grand Champion and National Winner Tsar Blu's Zarin. Mine is a very fine lineage indeed. My parents and grandparents and even my great-grandparents were all champions, grand champions and national winners. As for me though, I did not like competition. Even though I am both beautiful and cute, I
just loathed the idea of going to shows and having everyone looking at me and trying to handle me. All those strange people and animals really gave me the creeps. Consequently, I did not show well.

For my second career I tried motherhood. Let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be! Enough said. NEXT!

So here I am, four years old and no place to go from here.
I tell you, it's tough. You're not a cute little kitten anymore and you just can't toe the mark in the Cattery Biz...what's a girl to do?

My Second Kittenhood

To make a long story short. . . . when I was four, the gang at Azurski decided to let me retire. It was the only dignified thing to do.

As luck would have it, they set me up with quite a nice retirement package. I'm now living on the other side of the Bay in a nice home with two people who love me very much. My new "mom" is a nice lady who doesn't really seem to mind how much mischief I get into. She likes to play with me a lot, and she lets me sleep at the foot of the bed, sometimes even under the covers.

I also have a new "grandma" who takes good care of me, checks in on me frequently, brings me my dinner, and calls me Sweetie. She's really nice.

So there you have it....Hey folks, retirement is really great. I get to do just about anything want....I can play when I want to, take a nap in the sun, work on my website, or just roll around on the rug. It's a wonderful life.

Fade's Faves: napping, playing, sunning, sleeping, fresh chicken, catnip, rolling on the rug, getting my back scratched.