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Fade's Fancy
My Humans

This page contains information about my humans and the weird things they do.

Person One: "Mom"

"m'Ya~o" [FeedsMeBreakfast]

m'Ya~o and I live down in the Little House. I call her "m'Ya~o" because every morning she FeedsMeBreakfast. After I eat sometimes we play a little bit.

Most of the time, my mom goes to work, and she is gone for a long time. She turns on the radio for me so I won't get lonely and because I like to listen to KCBS. (A girl has to keep up on current events, afterall.) But I have plenty to keep me busy so I don't really mind.

When she comes home at night, we play and play and play. My favorite game is paper-wad soccer. My mom flicks the ball really far and I go running after it. Then I dribble it for a while and pick it up and bring it back so she can flick again. She really likes that game too, and when I bring the ball back to her she tells me I'm a really excellent cat.

We play other games too, like chase-the-feather and bat-the-tassle. But by far, our favorite game is soccer.

After we are tired from playing, my mom usually checks her email and works on the computer for a while. I like to jump up and walk across the keyboard or stand on her shoulder with my tail in her face. No matter how pesky I am, though, she never gets mad at me. She just picks me up and says, "you really shouldn't do that honey."

When I get tired of computing, I usually jump up on the bed and take a nap. Sometimes my mom spends too much time at the computer and then I have to call to come to bed. It's nice to have a warm person to curl up with at night. And then pretty soon it's morning again and we start over again,
and every morning my mom m'Ya~o: FeedsMeBreakfast.

Person Two: "Grandma"

"ng-Awao" [GivesMeSnacks]

ng-Awao lives up in the Big House With Many Rooms. Sometimes I get to go visit her there. It's really great because there are many many places to explore. I really like to sit in the greenhouse window and watch the birds in the trees. If it's a cold day, there's a great place to sit under a chair near the heater vent. It's really really
warm there.

Sometimes ng-Awao comes to visit me down in the little house.My favorite time is when she comes and brings FOOD! Sometimes she even brings me some fresh-cooked chicken, or even a little piece of bacon as a special treat. That's why I call her ng-Awao ("BringsMeSnacks"). She is always very nice to me and waits for me to finish eating so we can play for a while after I get all cleaned up. I don't get to spend as much time with her as with m'Ya~o.

ng-Awao is retired, which means she doesn't go to work all day. Instead she stays home and I often get to watch her in the yard in the afternoon. She spends a lot of time gardening. Personally, I have never been out there, but it looks pretty from inside. I like it when she comes up to the window and talks to me from outside. She taps on the glass and says "Hi, Mrs.!" But my favorite time is when I get to visit her in the Big House With Many Rooms. That is quite exciting. I can explore for hours at a time. I also like it when I get to help her with the house cleaning and vacuuming and things like that. The only thing I don't like is when she doesn't let me jump on the counters in the kitchen, or when she tells me to stay off the stove.